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The Art of Viking Runes, 2022

This work is an interpretation of the Viking runes according to the meanings attributed to them since ancient times. The shape of the rune they represent is subtly present in the composition of the image.

With this work we try to abstract the essential meaning associated with the runes and translate it graphically into a landscape scene. Concepts such as balance, protection, flow and self-criticism are reflected in these drawings.

Mannaz, Oneself,  2021

In the center there are two people… But in reality they are one, connecting mind and body. This rune is associated with self-criticism, which is why our protagonist appears in the drawing in an attitude of balance, with himself and with the environment.

Algiz, Protection, 2021

The central image is a person holding a staff of protection with the symbol of the rune, it creates an area of security where nothing can disturb it. The reeds around him alert with his sound and the powerful sunlight illuminates everything.

Laguz, Water, 2021

This is the rune of water, so I wanted to represent it as calm water, since it is closely related to harmony. This rune is also related to the Moon and the tides, for this reason, it is a night scene where the senses have to be sharpened and intuition takes center stage.

Fehu, Wealth, 2022

Our protagonist is on a throne, contemplates his possessions, attracts more wealth with his staff and remains calm, since this rune alludes to the vigilance of wealth and to taking care of its origin. It has always seemed to me that the one on a throne is a woman, in honor of the goddess Freyja, whom this rune represents, but many tell me they see a man, it could be Frey…

Jera, Harvest, 2022

Some crop fields, main meaning of this rune. The land, patience and time. In the sky we see different phases of the moon, shining like suns, it is the passing of days and cycles, another theme very present in Jera.

Raido, Journey, 2022

In this scene we have a traveler, observing the end of his journey in the distance, where the earth and the sky merge. The figure, from calm and observation, eliminates all the rocks that are in its path, and walks with a firm step.

Wunjo, Joy, 2022

Wunjo is the rune of joy. It is the reward and renewal achieved after the change. The rune of victory, associated with the collection of fruits. It symbolizes success and problem solving.