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Individual commission

This section is for those who are interested in ordering a personalized illustration. The rates are classified according to the type of drawing, dealing with deliveries in digital format. In any case, I recommend writing to me by filling out the form below or to the email , to be able to properly price the work, without any type of commitment.


Work methodology
  1. Search for references.
  2. Elaboration of sketches (4 approx).
  3. Selection of the final sketch + contributions/changes of composition and design.
  4. Final art.

    Complete Illustration


    Matte painting


    Speed painting/Sketch


    Special orders

    I also do specific commissions, such as map making, board games, editorial illustration and covers for music singles.

    For this type of more specific projects, feel free to write to me at or fill out the form below telling me about your project and I will give you a personalized quote depending on the degree of detail, type of illustration, layout and number of illustrations.


    Black and white or color maps, for game boards or books. 

    Book illustration

    Full page illustrations, drop caps, front and back covers, lettering and chapter details.

    Music cover

    Illustration for your album, cover and posters, in line with your musical style.


    Board, cards, icons and symbols, following the decided graphic style.

    Front + back book covers

    Covers for magazines, books and role-playing games. Illustration design, lettering and layout.

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